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Color Specialists

Hair color specialists Firenze and Poggibonsi, Siena

Color block

Designed more for minimal and geometric shapes, to give solidity and deep color contrasts, for a woman who prefers a more decisive look with a well-defined character.

Gradual Hair Color

Technique of coloring that allows you to reproduce the color effect that we often see over young girls hair, creating a perception of lightness and movement.


Natural coloring technique, offers many thin layers that lightens the hair with a smooth touch, maximum 2 tones and a half, with non-invasive products. Coloring suitable for women who want to partially color their hair with a very sober effect.


Coloration inspired by the shine of the sun at the sea. It is a very up-to-date and easy technique, because it does not cause regrowth and customizes its color quickly and effectively.

Vegan colors

Vegan colors and henna for hair


Henna is a completely natural product obtained from Lawsania leaves, which are dried and reduced to powder. Henna does not penetrate into the hair but it settles and binds with the scales of its cuticle so to give more thickness to the hair and making it resistant to external agents. It also makes hair looks brighter and healthier. Our shades are: BLACK, HOT CASTLE, MAHOGANY, COPPER, RED . We mix henna with distilled water and apple cider vinegar.

Skin peeling

It removes impurities from the superficial skin layer, in order to free it from all the toxins. Its function is therefore to eliminate dead cells, excess sebum that often characterizes some types of inflammation that can affect the scalp. The skin peels are also mixed together with a few drops of essential oil of which we have 3 different types.

White clay

Mineral mixture composed of 48% silicon and 36% of aluminum and other minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium. It has many benefits: it is antiseptic, detoxifying and has an anti-inflammatory and healing action. White clay is a natural remedy that allows to eliminate toxins and fortifying thin hair. It is used to restore brightness and tone to oily and dull hair.

Green clay

Inorganic material consisting of a series of essential minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, silica and aluminum), and other plant materials including algae. It has many benefits: antiseptic and bactericidal, anti-toxic, healing and energizing. It is an excellent natural remedy for dandruff as it has a purifying effect on the skin. It also has an exfoliating and remineralizing effect to counter excess sebum.

Neutral henna

Neutral henna derives from the drying and grinding of the Cassia Obovata, a famous Indian plant appreciated for its beneficial effects on the hair. Compared to Lawsania, this does not possess pigmentation. Neutral henna has excellent strengthening, polishing, sebum-normalizing and reinforcing powers. If used together with the nuances of the classic henna it generates more reflection in the color